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As animal lovers, we try to be connected to the universe as much as we can. It may seem like love at first sight when you see a cute puppy, but every dog and every owner is a special breed. Considering your lifestyle and personality is very important before integrating a 4 paws member to your family. In this post, you will find the dog breed that could fit your personality and zodiac sign. 


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Aries are spontaneous and courageous. As an Aries you have a sense of adventure and love to explore and create. You are a loyal soul, you will always be there no matter what. Well Aries, the dog you need in your life is a Mixed-dog. Although mixed dogs may come from different situations, they are usually very grateful to their adopters. Mixed breed dogs are very loyal and faithful, who despite their past, become the most adventurous friend that will love you forever no matter what. 




Taurus have a strong dislike for change, and once you are settled down with your routines, it can take a great effort to change. You will always search for stability in your choices and the people you associate with. Taurus, if you are thinking of adopting a puppy, a Poodle is the one! They are instinctive, alert and very playful. They could easily get attached to one person only. It is more likely they picked their favorite person in the house and there is 100% chance it would be you. 




As a Geminis you are the social butterfly of the zodiac. Geminis are playful, intellectually curious, and constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups. Geminis, your dog according to your zodiac sign could be a Dachshund. They are curious, lively, charming, and brave. They love to play games and have a great sense of humor. These little gossos are loyal, very attached to their family, and they love sleeping under the bedcovers. 


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People born under Cancer sign are often quite sensitive, able to perceive other people's feelings and moods. Cancer people love to create safe spaces in cozy environments as their own sanctuaries. If you are a Cancer soul, the doggy of your life is a Corgi. Corgis loves to be around the people in their lives. They're natural herders, sometimes even attempting to herd even their hooman. They tend to be extremely bright dogs.






Naturally charismatic, confident and determined, Leos often are great leaders, with exceptional skills of guiding a team to excellence. Leos usually have a friendly personality and they live their life with a lot of optimism. If you are a Leo in all the sense, your dog could be a Golden Retriever. These dogs are full of energy, they are smart and loyal dogs, ideal as family companions. Golden Retrievers love to be around their caregivers and their love is very reciprocated.






Most Virgo people are extremely organized and practical. They prefer simplicity and minimalism and tend to avoid complex situations. Virgos are very easy going people. Virgo, you need a Frenchie dog to complete your world. They are playful and calm dogs. They does not need long walks, but it needs all the pampering in the world. They let you do everything, from dressing them with hoodies and caps as fashion style and taking pictures non-stop. 




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Librans have charm, elegance and good taste, they are kind and peaceful. They like beauty and harmony and are able to be impartial in conflicts. If this is your zodiac sign the doggy recommended for you is the Australian Shepherd. They are typically outgoing and friendly. Aussies are the happiest when they are interacting with people, especially with their family. As long as they are given enough activity and stimulation, they are sweet and loving dogs.







The Scorpio personality is often misunderstood due to their intensity and their tendency to be harsh. You might have a powerful presence and demanding personality, and you have a certain touch of mystery. Scorpio, your dog should be a Chihuahua. They want nothing more than to be with you everywhere. They may follow you from room to room and be perfectly happy curled up in your lap all day.





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Sagittarians have a loyal spirit, smart, assertive, and compassionate personality! As Sagittarius you have the combination of independence, intelligence, and compassion personality type. According to your sign, you need a Shiba Inhu in your life. A Shiba Inu is not a noisy dog and they are much like a cat, they don't need to have their humans around all the time. They think highly of themselves. These dogs are extremely energetic, very agile, and are steadfastly loyal to those they love. 






Capricorns are very disciplined, practical, patiences, and extremely resourceful. The people under this sign are very ambitious and thrilled to succeed, love to be very prepared, are clever and calculating. Capricorni, your doggy zodiac sign is a German Shepherd. The German Shepherd temperament is great, and they are very adaptable. German shepherds are very intelligent and athletic. They are loyal and loving to family members, however, they can be standoffish and territorial to strangers unless they are trained otherwise. 




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Aquarians are very free minded, lovely and passionate. They see the world as a place full of possibilities and have the need to be spontaneous, follow the moment, and live it to the fullest in an attempt not to waste any time. If this is your sign, the Italian Greyhound is the dog you should adopt. Italian Greyhounds are bright little dogs that respond extremely well to positive reinforcement, and treats are always appreciated. The Italian Greyhound personality is quite likable. They even get along with kids, cats, and other dogs very easily.





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Pisces are sensitive to the feelings of others and respond sympathetically and tactfully to the suffering of others. Pisces are dreamers, imaginative, and they can adapt easely to any environment. If you are born under the Pisces sign, you need a Cavalier King. They are active and outgoing dogs who are just as happy to go for a long walk as jumping into the couch with you for a cuddle. They are everything but agressive and have been described as the perfect lap dog. 



The stars have spoken

And revealed what kind of dog you should have according to your personality and zodiac sign. Remember, no matter what your zodiac sign is, adopting a pet is a compromise you make between you and another living soul.

Dogs or cats need attention, affection, and special care. If you are thinking of adopting a pet, have in mind you are becoming a pet parent, accepting all the responsibilities of what it takes. ❤️

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