Why You Should Get Pet Designer Wear for Your Dog

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We know you always want extra eyes looking at how awesome your look is and why not, better if you also capture eyes with your dog style. People in fashion dress their dogs thereby creating match styles for the two. 

However, quality dog clothes and accessories play a huge difference not because of its aesthetic features but because your dog will feel comfortable wearing it. In this post we will give you 3 reasons why dressing your pet with a pet fashion designer garment could be cool but also very beneficial for your furry friend.

Comfort is essential

Before taking in consideration dog style clothing it is important to know if the clothes have been made according to the pet anatomy. You don't want your dog to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed using accessories that don't respect his or her body. Make sure the pet clothing and accessories you chose are created with your pet's size and structure in mind. Read about the importance of using dog clothing and accessories adapted to the pet's needs. 

Medical purposes  

If your furry friend is dealing with a skin condition or has undergone surgery, protective apparel will help prevent scratching or hurting. Pet shirts are very common and highly beneficial and they can serve for medical purposes.

On the other hand, if your pet is suffering anxiety or stress you should consider an anxiety vest harness for dogs. It can calm down and reduce dog anxiety making it feel more protected as if being hugged and it gives a cool down effect maintaining the dog in the right temperatures. Also, you can consider designer dog collars, harnesses or leashes to train your puppy. These products are specially designed to be weatherproof and anti-microbial, built for tough handling. 


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Unique style 

Believe it or not there is the world of "pet couture" out there with dogs and cats wearing cute and fashionable pet accessories and pet clothes. Pet Fashion Designers work from dog-shaped mannequins to create the various sizes for different breeds, including dachshunds, dobermans, basset hounds and greyhounds that are adjusted to fit the "personal" measurements of each doggy customer. If you go outside and take a walk through a park, the chances are high that you will come across at least one dog owner who has dressed up their pet in some cute clothes.

Full of love and inspiration Viviana Rivera, Toy Doggie Designer, designs ​​comfortable and chic pet accessories that are made to express your dog's individual personality. 

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