How to Help Your Dog Through Anxiety

How to Help Your Dog Through Anxiety

How to Help Your Dog Through Anxiety

If you’re concerned your pup has become anxious, you’re not alone.  Anxiety can grow and develop if left unchecked.  It’s important to look out for signs of anxiety and work together with your pup to keep it in check with behavioral and supplemental help.

Here are a few tips on how to recognize anxiety and how to help your pup through it!

What does anxiety look like?

While every dog is different, there are a few common signs you should keep an eye out for:  

  • Destructive behavior can indicate your pup is anxious.  This restlessness can make your pup chew and dig at the items in your home.  
  • Changes in movement reveal anxious tendencies too.  You may have noticed your pup starting to pace, following you around before you leave the house, or even hiding.    
  • Excessive barking and whining are tell-tale signs for anxiousness.  Your neighbor might mention they’ve heard barking while you were away, or you may have noticed your dog whining or yipping for seemingly no reason. 

These behaviors can start after a variety of reasons, including routine changes and budding separation anxiety.   


How can you help ease your dog’s anxiety?

  1. Routine can help keep your dog’s anxiety levels low.  It’s important for your pup to know what’s expected of them and what they should expect from you!  By sticking with a schedule, especially when it comes to mealtimes and exercise, your dog will be much more comfortable and relaxed. 
  2. Toys refocus your dog’s energy. Puzzle games or games that involve treats keep your dog’s mind engaged. Play with your pooch to use up some of that nervous energy and leave longer lasting toys for your dog to play with while you’re away. 
  3. Supplements go beyond the behavioral to help your dog.  They can keep your pup calm without the side effects of sedatives, and can even prevent anxiety from getting to extreme levels.  

Are supplements right for you?

Supplements, especially those with research-based ingredients, can offer great support to your dog.  Different from a typical sedative, supplements can relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and help your dog focus. The right supplements can also block anxiety from reaching high levels.  

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