Discover How To Protect Your Pet Skin From The Sun

Discover How To Protect Your Pet Skin From The Sun

Why you should protect your pet skin 

Skin cancer affects pets just as it does humans. The UV rays from prolonged sun exposure can cause skin damage and sunburn and increase the risks of skin cancer.

Mast cell tumors are the most common type of skin tumor found in dogs and the second most common in cats. They account for 14-21% of all skin tumors diagnosed in dogs. They usually occur in middle-aged patients, but can occur in patients of any age. We advise you to visit your veterinarian if your pet shows any symptoms of this disease.

Another factor to consider during the summer are the so called heatstrokes or overheating. This occurs when the pet's body temperature rises above the normal range of 100 to 102.2 degrees. Pets who live in sunny areas constantly exposed to sun and high temperatures are more propense to suffer from overheating. When this is the case, a decrease of sugar and salts in the pet's body is produced, resulting in body's tremors, muscle weakness and lack of balance.



The Toy Doggie PE Erre Retro Read Trip summer collection brings solutions that help pet owners minimize aforementioned risks. From our organic sunscreen made in Puerto Rico, the BPA-free hydrating water bottle for fun trips, to a collection of clothing pieces and accessories that repel the sun and keep the pet's body heat a few degrees below ambient. 


The textiles used are made of breathable cotton, SPF50 fibers and "cooling down" materials including rash-guards perfect for beach time. 


Also, this time we include a versatile vest-type harness with cooling and anxiety control properties that could be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as dry and/or wet. It is the perfect companion on walks to the beach and places where there is not much shade. It is especially useful for nervous or anxious dogs as its construction allows the wrap feeling around the torso to send calm messages to the pet when used correctly.

For this collection we have followed our philosophy of not only providing protection, but to create fun and colorful products, alluding to topics that appeal to our customers.


Pawtriotico and its line of items alluding to Puerto Rico is one of our most popular lines. Therefore, this year we created PE' ERRE Retro Roadtrip.

We wanted to use elements and influences from the late 80s to the mid 90s. Viviana Rivera, Toy Doggie Designer was growing up with a foundation in the arts and the creativity of that time where artistic expression was through drawing, painting, music and dance. This was also the time when the foundations of what today is known as REGGAETON were born, which was recorded from cassette to cassette, a memorable era for those who had the opportunity to live it.



We kick off this collection with 7 pieces of clothing in sizes XXS to XXL, harness and cooling bandanas, sun hats and sunglasses. We have also prepared the Spotify playlist Reggaeton Pe Erre Retro Road Trip to remember the era and to make your pet's walks fun and very Boricua.

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