Some tips to travel with your pet safely in the car

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We know that our pets are a member of the family. Although in most cases we treat them with love and care, there is a place where we often neglect their safety. I am referring precisely in the car. And the fact is that many drivers who travel with their dogs or cats in the car do so without properly leashing them.

In Puerto Rico we have several laws that regulate the transportation of pets in vehicles. Specifically, Transportation Law No. 22 states that there cannot be any obstruction inside the vehicle that impedes the driver's visibility. And the Law for the Welfare and Protection of Animals (Law 154) establishes that it is a felony to risk the life of an animal by being transported in a vehicle in an irresponsible manner.

Taking your dog or cat without protection in the vehicle is a danger, not only for the animal but also for you as the driver and the other people traveling with you. To avoid any accidents with your pet while riding in the car, I would like to share with you some recommendations on how you can carry your four-legged friend comfortably and safely.

There are several methods to carry your pet safely in the car so you should choose the most suitable restraint system for you.

The first thing to keep in mind is that your pet should always travel in the same place in the vehicle. This will make traveling in the car a daily routine for your furry friend.

In general, the best way to carry a pet in the car, if it is small, is in its carrier on the floor of the vehicle. If the pet is large, it is best to place the carrier in the back of the vehicle.
If you are traveling with a very large dog and you do not have a carrier, it is best to secure it in the back of the vehicle. If you are traveling with a cat in the car, the safest way is to carry it in a kennel.


How can I take my dog in the car outside of the kennel?

In general, the pets that are most often carried in the car without a kennel are dogs. If you go for a ride with your dog in the car, it is advisable to have a harness fastened to the seat belt. This option is favorable for medium and large dogs.

Another very practical option are multi-function leashes that allow you to secure your pet directly to the vehicle seat. Multi-function leashes are the most adequate to tie your dog properly and allow you to take him out of the vehicle without having to remove the leash from its harness.

Very important, you should never leave your dog alone in the car, especially in the middle of summer. However, nowadays technology makes life easier in many ways and there are some cars that are prepared with systems that protect pets that remain alone in the car when it is very hot, for example. If you do not have a vehicle with this type of technology, it is highly recommended that you do not leave your dog locked up in the car because it endangers the animal's life and you are not complying with the Animal Welfare Law, which could result in a fine or even prison if something happens to the pet. And if by chance you find an animal locked in a car, the first thing you should do is try to locate the driver. If you are unable to do so, we recommend that you inform the police or the fire department.

Always remember, if you wish to transport your dog in your car, everyone's safety, and that includes you and your dogo, comes first. No matter how you decide to take your dog secured in a car if with a harness, special leash or inside its kennel, make sure that your pet knows its place in the car and that it is safely secured. 

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