Toy Doggie "Out of this world" Pet Fashion Accessories

Toy Doggie

The pieces for dogs and cats have values of comfort, safety, freshness and sustainability


The complicity between pets and their guardians is so special and unique that it's easy to say it's "out of this world". That's also the best description for the spring collection of the exclusive pet products and accessories brand Toy Doggie, designed by Puerto Rican Viviana Rivera.

Loyal to the quality that defines the brand, since its establishment in the local market in 2012, the new collection comprises nine modern pieces that will not only make dogs and cats look in tune with fashion trends, but will better make them feel comfortable, safe and fresh in everyday life, walks, trips or training with positive reinforcement.

Another attraction of the clothing pieces for this season is their sustainability. All of them have been created with cotton fiber textiles, which guarantees their durability. The bandanas, particularly, are made of microfiber to ensure good temperature in the neck area of pets.


"There is a growing demand for sustainable and durable products and that is why the textiles used for each collection are made of breathable cotton fabrics that can be washed and used over and over again for years," said Viviana Rivera, a certified designer in pet anatomy. "Their neckerchiefs or bandanas are made of microfiber textile that provides the function of cooling and lowering the body temperature in the pet's chest area, where they overheat the most," she added.

The collection includes clothing, bandanas and harnesses in pastel shades, some with extraterrestrial prints. The iconic classic polo shirt returns for spring in a pastel color with the intention of wowing its keepers when worn in combination with jeans.


"I develop items that enhance the close relationship that exists between every pet and their guardian regardless of gender. Toy Doggie is an additional tool that allows us to express what constitutes each individual's personal brand through their pet. When I design, I think about the lifestyles of the guardian, as well as the comfort of the pet, and I sprinkle that with seasonal trends," said Viviana Rivera.

The new collection is available online and in Walmart stores.

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