Traveling to Europe With My Pet: 3 Pet Friendly International Destinations

Traveling to Europe With My Pet: 3 Pet Friendly International Destinations

Traveling to Europe with your pet soon? 

As Covid 19 regulations continue to ease many of us are already making plans to grab the compass and start traveling again with our beloved furry friends. We can imagine if this is your first time traveling to the "Old World" you might have plenty of doubts about it. Don't worry, many international destinations are already creating specific plans for pet traveling.

In this article, we will tell you about 3 places where you can travel with your pet and what you need to know before heading to your destination.

What to know before traveling with your dog or cat to an  European destination. 

In Covid times having the company of our furry ones has become essential, and traveling with pets is a trend on the rise. We are not only talking about domestic tourism in pet friendly places but also going on an adventure to other parts of the world with your dog or cat. 

According to Hot Dog Holiday, some European countries are the best destinations for travelers who want to enjoy traveling in companionship with their pets. Many airlines and train services are adapted for human passengers to take our four-legged friends with us.



Permits and formalities before traveling with my pet to Europe:

Before setting your doggy or kitty travel adventure in motion, it is important that you check what permits you need before traveling. If you are traveling from a destination outside Europe, your pet will need a microchip, be vaccinated against rabies and fill out an animal health certificate requested by the European Union. Sometimes, they request a rabies test or the pet to be dewormed.

Once you are in Europe, it will be very simple to move around as the requirements for traveling with pets within the European Union are very simple.



A trip to this country is pure illusion and walking through the Parisian streets with your pet will certainly be more exciting.

If your plan is going directly to France, you should know that this country has several requirements, starting with the fact that the pet must be older than 12 months. Beaches, transportation and tourist accommodations offer the alternative of bringing your pet withount problem. 

Here you can find the necessary information to travel with your pet and walk around France. 



Spain is a very pet friendy country, 26% of  their households have a dog as a pet. However, to bring in a pet from a non-EU country to Spain, it must enter through the designated travellers' points of entry. If the pet does not have a European passport, it must be accompanied by an animal health certificate (certificado zoosanitario) in spanish and signed by an official veterinarian of the third country. You will also need a declaration in accordance with the EU models, and a certified copy of the animal's identification and vaccination details. 

If your plan is to visit this country, you can have more information on this link. If you are looking for recommendations of where to go in Spain with your pet visit Viajando Nuestra Vida, they offer  recommendations base on real pet travelers experience. 



Austria is an incredible city to travel with your furry friend. A doggy or kitty retreat on its amazing mountains will allow you to experience an unforgettable adventure. 

Austria is a pert friendly place to travel with your four legs friend. Dogs travel free of charge on Innsbruck's public transport lines and on public bus lines outside the city limits (muzzle and leash required). On Austrian Railways (ÖBB) trains, 10% of the full price of a normal ticket must be paid. The minimum charge is always €2. 

Traveling in town and country with your dog in Austria requires always the use of a leash. The same applies for urban areas and city centres. In public buildings, parks, playgrounds and markets, dogs must be kept on a short leash.

If your plan is to discover this magnific country with your furry, here you could find official information from the main city. 



If you are travelling by train, have in mind that each company has its own quota so you should make sure that the train company requires you to stay with your pet, and it is your responsibility at all times. Ticket prices vary depending on the journey you wish to make. You can check all the information on this link

If you are travelling by air, you should contact the airline directly before. Each airline is different. In general, dogs and cats under 8 kg are carried in the cabin and the rest in the hold. Service or assistance animals, such as guide dogs, always go in the cabin with you and travel free of charge. Check for more information on this link

Moving around Europe with your pet is not complicated once you are there as most of the requirements are already covered when you leave your country. 




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