Toy Doggie: Hand-picked Top Pet Brand by Wag!

Toy Doggie: Hand-picked Top Pet Brand by Wag!

Toy Doggie brand, created by our Puerto Rican designer Viviana Rivera, is among the best pet brands selected by the U.S.-based specialized app Wag!

The app, used as a highly qualified reference for pet walking and general pet care services, chose the local brand among the best in the clothing category even though Toy Doggie has yet to fully enter the U.S. market. However, Rivera's exquisite collection of apparel and accessories has gained ground outside the island through our online store

Expanding the brand to the U.S. market is, precisely, one of Toy Doggie's projections for this year and this recognition is an additional motivation to achieve it soon.

Viviana Rivera and one her adopted dogs, Hera

Toy Doggie is currently promoting the spring collection with designs made in denim fabrics and other bright colors, typical of the season.

Wag! is considered one of the best quality pet care, training, veterinary and other services for pets in the United States.

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