Puertorican Traditions Dog Clothing

Toy Doggie Brand 2020 Christmas collection

Toy Doggie launch new collection inspired by Puertorican Traditions

The purely Puerto Rican brand is inspired by the local celebrations with new products and designs. 

The entrepreneur and designer Viviana Rivera, whose Toy Doggie brand has become a favourite between pet lovers, announced the launch of the 2020 Christmas collection and a preview of the 2021 collection.

The Christmas collection that introduces the XXL size to the market, features
five pieces: two dresses, two shirts, one hoodie sweatshirt
and two bandanas. 

Toy Doggie has been known for launching collections inspired by the seasons of the year, its creator has made it possible for pet lovers of maintain their loyalty with the brand that offers them new products all the year.


In addition to the garment collection, there are three fun toys inspired by the Christmas season of the island: Letter to Santa Paws, Bottle of Coquito and Cup of Milk with a biscuit. 

This cheerful collection of Toy Doggie is designed with the comfort of pets and taste of pets-parents in mind. There is a lot to choose and help that special companion to express his or her authentic personality.

We hope all pet-parents can enjoy this authentic collection made with love for the tropical hearts.  

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