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Meet Toy Doggie – Where Love for Pets Meets Style and Functionality

A Passionate Journey to Enhance the Lives of Pets

At Toy Doggie, we're more than just a brand. We're a passionate community led by Puerto Rican pet fashion designer Viviana Rivera, committed to enhancing the bond between pets and their guardians. Inspired by our tropical climate and the unique needs of pets, our journey started with a vision to create pet accessories that were not just cute and stylish, but also high quality and functional.

Unrivaled Quality and Sustainability – Our Promise to You

Crafted with love and a deep understanding of the needs of pets, each Toy Doggie product tells a story of unmatched quality, sustainability, and unique design. We use sustainable and functional textiles such as cotton in our production, ensuring that our love for animals extends to the environment as well.

A Wide Variety of Unique and Innovative Products

From pet dresses, harnesses, and collars to leashes and sun hats, our product range is as diverse as the pets we serve. We are constantly innovating, offering pet accessories that cater to the unique needs of pets living in tropical climates.

A Community Built on Shared Love for Animals

Our team comprises dedicated individuals who share Viviana's love for animals and her commitment to quality and functionality. We believe that every pet deserves the best, and we strive to offer products that enhance the well-being of pets and the happiness of their guardians.

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Dive into our vibrant collections and find the perfect accessory for your beloved pet. Embrace the blend of style, quality, and functionality that sets Toy Doggie apart from the rest. Here's to a happier, more stylish life with your pet!

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