Meet Viviana - Toy Doggie Certified Pet Designer

"I believe cute should be functional" 

- Viviana Rivera; The Doggie Designer

I am Puerto Rican, the proud mom of eight dogs, one cat and a pet brand! Toy Doggie is my passion and love for pets put into every piece I have designed. As a pet parent myself, I am always focused on getting only the "best of breed" available in terms of pet products, textiles and materials. I don't hold back in quality, while offering a popular price tag that results attractive for every budget.   

Since I started designing for this brand my commitment to my pets was to find that sweet spot where I could deliver ethical products that respected each specie, protected them from the elements, and also kept them cute and safe. This commitment is extended to all and every pet parent that has supported our brand for the past 8 years.

As a Certified Pet Fashion Designer, I was trained in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York to have a keen eye for those details that traduce all our products into comfy and functional yet fashionable items. Following this philosophy and complemented by the use of high-end materials,Toy Doggie has become the brand of choice, loved by thousands of satisfied customers and celebs in Puerto Rico and abroad.  

I wake up honored, every day knowing that we are Puerto Rico's favorite dog brand.  We work hard and take very seriously each and every new collection that reaches every pet home.  So, if you are here its because you also heard that the experience we provide from the package to the product is only the finest.  

Thank you so much for joining the Toy Doggie

Viviana Rivera